SNEAK PEEK : DCTDAO Staking Platform User Interface

The DCTDAO engineers have been hard at work gearing for the delivery of the DCore Bridge with the addition of the long-awaited DCTDAO Staking Platform. We are proud to share some of the work in progress images currently cooking in DCTDAO’s kitchen.

User Interface

With a sleek design that prioritizes ease of access for even casual crypto users, the DCTDAO Staking platform will enable users to stake Wrapped DCT, DCTD, DCTD/WDCT LP Tokens and future partner tokens of DCTDAO that wish to stake their tokens for incentives and rewards on DCTDAO’s platform.

The user interface of the platform will enable users to :

  1. Stake on live staking pools
  2. Unstake once the staking period is over
  3. Immediately claim the rewards after staking is over
  4. Claim rewards on finished staking pools in case the user forgot to claim their rewards after a certain period of time

Complete with an informative display of standard staking information such as time, status, APY, and more, the DCTDAO staking platform will ensure that the user will always be in the know of their staking status.

Development Status

As mentioned in the previous post, the DCTDAO Staking Platform will be launched in tandem with the DCore bridge, estimated at the end of December 2021. Until then, stay tuned on DCTDAO channels for more updates, as DCTDAO will provide yet another sneak peek of the features on the DCTDAO Staking Platform!

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