SNEAK PEEK : DCTDAO Staking Platform Features


  1. Modular : this means that the staking will be on a per campaign basis with APY carefully calculated. This won’t disrupt the tokenomics in general yet will still allow for optimizing the growth of the project
  2. Open for any project : Any project’s token that wants to conduct staking on the DCTDAO staking platform is allowed to do so with the assistance of the DCTDAO team.
  3. Near Gas-less : Built on top of Avalanche blockchain, any action such as staking or unstaking only requires an extremely low amount of gas unlike other platforms built on Ethereum
  4. Retroactive : Forgot to unstake but the campaign has finished? Fear not. Users can always claim rewards from any past pools

Possible Rewards

  1. Digital products i.e. vouchers, giftcards,etc
  2. NFTs
  3. Physical products such as ledger, etc
  4. Project tokens such as WDCT, DCTD, or other project tokens

Development Status

For more updates on all things DCTDAO, stay tuned on the DCTDAO channels below :



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