SNEAK PEEK : DCTDAO Staking Platform Features

Another day, another sneak peek! There have been plenty of questions from the community in regards to how the DCTDAO Staking platform will operate after December 2021. In this update let’s discuss some of the features that’s being developed and the rewards that will be available from campaigns running on the DCTDAO platform as well as what the platform is capable of doing.


As seen on the previous sneak peek, DCTDAO Staking platform is characterized by its ease of usage. But not only that, the staking platform will also have these following features :

  1. Modular : this means that the staking will be on a per campaign basis with APY carefully calculated. This won’t disrupt the tokenomics in general yet will still allow for optimizing the growth of the project

With a variety of features, DCTDAO’s Staking platform is set not only as a place for DCTDAO to stake DCTD and WDCT, but a place for DCTDAO’s project partners to stake various tokens and receive rewards!

Possible Rewards

On DCTDAO Staking Platform, the reward for staking will not only comes in token, but also in various other possible forms as well such as :

  1. Digital products i.e. vouchers, giftcards,etc

Using this platform, DCTDAOs marketing efforts will have a new tool to engage the community and to bring new users with various attractive rewards and campaigns!

Development Status

As per the previous post, the DCTDAO Staking Platform will be launched in tandem with the DCore bridge, estimated at the end of December 2021. Until then, stay tuned on DCTDAO channels for more updates, as DCTDAO will provide yet another sneak peek of the features on the DCTDAO Staking Platform!

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