Guaranteed DCTD Airdrop Giveaway Campaign Edition 1

DCTDAO is expanding our reach and community on twitter! Help us spread the word by doing easy social task and earn in total of 2200 $DCTD!

Campaign Mechanism :

  1. Complete simple twitter tasks using the following gleam campaign link :
  2. First task is to fill your metamask address so that we know where to send your airdropped DCTD before you can unlock 4 twitter task to earn DCTD
  3. For 1 twitter task completed, participant will earn guaranteed 0.5 DCTD airdrop
  4. Campaign will be done in 2 weeks or up until 2200 DCTD airdrop pool is depleted
  5. Reward will be distributed to the participant’s registered address one week after the campaign concluded

Reward :

Total of 2200 DCTD Pool

Important :

DCTD that will be airdropped is DCTD on Avalanche. Therefore please only fill the wallet address with METAMASK address!

Additionally to be able to interact, swap or withdraw the token once it’s airdropped, make sure you have setup your metamask to Avalanche Mainnet C-Chain. Check out the tutorial below if you don’t know how :

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