DCTDigest — 3 Reasons Why Decentralized Multichain Bridge is Better than a Centralized Bridge

The finance sphere is developing super rampantly. Starting with the appearance of first banks, it evolved and continues evolving to bring all people secure, convenient, and helpful tools to save and multiply their wealth.

One of such tools is, of course, DEX (Decentralized Exchange), where you can trade cryptocurrencies. And even DEXes have many differences from one another. One of the brightest examples of such DEXes is DCTDEX. It has 3 key differences from other platforms that make it much more attractive for investors, traders, and simple crypto enthusiasts, namely :

There is no need to relinquish your asset’s private key or ownership of tokens to be processed for bridging to DCTDAO. Bridging is made by the user, directly from the wallet and received also to the user’s wallet. This way there is no need to trust DCTDAO or any party with your funds, your token is yours and yours alone, providing absolute security during the bridging process.

Yeah, on our platform, you don’t need to pass through KYC. Simply, it is convenient, right?
Bring your own wallet and bridge your token. DCTDAO doesn’t need to know who you are.

No Signup
We are a decentralized platform. Anonymity is one of our major priorities. That is why you don’t need to sign up or send your personal data. You can operate your crypto-assets fully anonymously.

To sum up, DCTDEX is now one of the innovative (if not the most), secure, and free platforms to help you manage your assets so that they could grow constantly. DCTDEX lets you trade with the lowest gas fee in the market. Isn’t it worth your attention?

Bridge your tokens and swap now on :

👾 https://dex.dctdao.org/

Get started on swapping on DCTDEX following these tutorials:

1. Connect your wallet to Avalanche Network, you can follow this tutorial : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cD10d3-AIvI

2. Then you can start swapping by bridging some asset, for example WETH, you can start by bridging your WETH to DWETH and start swapping TOK, you can follow this tutorial : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GZyLWuXEAs&ab_channel=DCTDAO

or you can start by bridging DCTD eth to DCTD avax by getting some native tokens via bridge following this tutorial https://dctdao.medium.com/dctdex-beta-0-1-tutorial-1-ce2dc9b1c038

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