DCTDAO’s CEO talks cyber security in the Blockchain space at “GISEC GLOBAL” !

After an overwhelmingly successful debut, the GISEC Dark Stage returned to delve into the world of cyber security. It featured some of the most exciting and compelling live hacks, meetups and talks covering the most controversial and cutting-edge topics. The conference was held between 31 May 2021 and 01 Jun 2021.

As DCTDAO became a part of the experience we learned many things and shared a lot with the community as the only team focusing on Blockchain Security!

The many speakers included highly respected Dubai Local authorities and cyber security specialists and of course our CEO, Matej Michalko, who spoke at the event on the 2nd day, where he covered the topic “Protecting Blockchain Technology: Quantum Resistance.” A very informative presentation, especially on the future of cybersecurity in the Blockchain space, and as the only speaker providing knowledge of security in the Blockchain space it proved to be a hit!

DCTDAO is a decentralized exchange platform. Like other exchange platforms it functions based on the technology of a distributed registry (blockchain) hence security is one of the key elements of DCTDAO!

Back to Dubai, thanks to the technological leadership, which constitutes one of the major pillars of the city, Dubai is now a leading international hub and an attractive investment destination for national, regional, and international institutions. In line with the vision of its leaders, Dubai is amongst the most electronically secure cities in the world, and with that the Dubai Cyber Security Strategy was also launched, which defines Dubai’s vision and objectives in this regard. The plan entails rules and protocols safeguarding data and electronic services from threats and attacks, as well as protecting companies, individual users, or any information technology-related activities.

The growth of the internet and cyber space has had a tremendous impact on all parts of the society, including the public and private sectors and even individuals.

Dubai’s focus in the coming months and years is on a number of pillars including: a ‘Cyber Smart Society’, Innovation, Cyber Security and Resilience, as well as international collaboration.

Blockchain will play a huge role in this development, and with DCTDAO paving the way for future security in the crypto and blockchain space, the team are excited to be involved in finding partners and ways to collaborate in the coming months.

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The Next Evolution of Quantum Proof, Cross-Chain trading. Built on Polkadot, Moonbeam and DCore

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The Next Evolution of Quantum Proof, Cross-Chain trading. Built on Polkadot, Moonbeam and DCore

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