DCTDAO Marketing Calendar 1–7th August 2021


DCTDAO is back with full force going to the mid Q3 as more updates will be pushed and more marketing campaigns will start! Starting from this week, the community can expect a nice weekly updates on what’s coming on the week. Save the calendar, share them, and let your friends and family know what they are missing out!

Check out what DCTDAO the Marketing team have in the pipeline this week (Schedules are to be updated accordingly if required) :

Thur 5th Aug 2021

Major Influencer : Crypto WendyO

As describe on her 154k twitter account, she’s a Crypto Event Host | #Bitcoin+#Defi Swing Trader | Marketing | Host of @The_O_Show_ that will talk about DCTDAO, and our yield farming campaign.

Catch us at her youtube channel on : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCla2jS8BrfLJj7kbKyy5_ew

Fri 6th Aug 2021

Vote for DCTD on Coin Discovery Sites

DCTDAO is listing DCTD in various coin discovery sites to get more eyeballs and audience to the grander cryptoverse! We will need your help to vote for DCTD to get us more visibility!

Vote for us on the following sites :

Coinhunters : https://coinhunters.cc/tokens/DCTDAO

Coinsniper : https://coinhunters.cc/tokens/DCTDAO

Coinhunt : https://coinhunt.cc/coin/uIRhYAsf6AZMhvCjweZB

Coinvote : https://coinvote.cc/coin/DCTDAO

Coinmooner : https://coinmooner.com/coin/1948

Coindom : https://coindom.cc/token/DCTD

Coinseek : https://www.coinseek.xyz/coins/3ba2ad8f-9205-4b8f-b547-1c79f2f18ecd

Cointoplist : https://cointoplist.net/coin/dctdao

Gemhunter : https://gemfinder.cc/gem/2069

Sat 7th Aug 2021

NFT Giveaway Campaign Introducing Quantro, the face of DCTDAO

Whose Quantro? And why this awesome mech become the face of DCTDAO? Stick around and find out on DCTDAO social media and win the first NFT of Quantro that you can boast to your friends and colleagues!

Watch this space for many more interactive and media focused initiatives to really take DCTDAO to the MOON!

DCTDAO Needs Your Help, our great community has been growing, but we need more to really push the DCTDAO brand to the stratosphere.

Sun/Mon 8/9th Aug 2021 (Tentative)

Major Influencer : Satoshi Stacker

Satoshi Stacker, a major crypto influencer with hundreds of thousands audience in twitter, youtube and more will talk about DCTDAO, the ongoing Yield Farming program and DCTDAO’s partners.

Stay tuned on Satoshi Stacker’s channel on the link below :

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