Crypto Revolution X DCTDAO AMA Recap

On Monday, 12th April 2021, Founder of DCTDAO, Matej Michalko has done an AMA (Ask Me Anything) Session with a vibrant and revolutionary crypto community Crypto Revolution. Crypto Revolution also has placed DCTDAO as one of their top project of 2021 as seen here in show of their support for the project.

Hence the excitement in the community is quite apparent during the AMA which you can read all about it on the recap below :


Danny | Crypto Revolution: Okay guys! Let’s welcome DCTDAO

Matej Michalko: Hi all. Pleasure to be here!

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Pleasure to have you man!
Could you please introduce yourself and tell us how did you get involved into Crypto? 😁

Matej Michalko: My name is Matej Michalko, I am founder of DCTDAO and DECENT. I sarted in crypto by mining bitcoin back in 2010 on my laptop, later on I switched to GPUs, FPGAs and ASICs. I mined other cryptocurrencies (altcoins as well: litecoin, feathercoin, etc). I organized the second bitcoin conference that took place in the UK — BitcoinExpo 2013 as well as the first international Bitcoin and cryptocurrency conference that took place in China: BitcoinExpo China 2014. In early 2015 I founder DECENT, one of the world’s earliest still running global blockchain companies initially focusing on media and digital content distribution. DCTDAO is a natural continuation of my 10+ years blockchain experience.

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Do you still mine some Crypto? 😀
Btw really impressive experience!

Matej Michalko: I am supporting Ethereum 2.0, but otherwise I stopped with mining in summer 2014. 🙂

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Could you please introduce DCTDAO in Layman’s term to the Community?

Matej Michalko: DCTDAO is a quantum resistant crosschain DEX providing:
1. Easy access & crosschain (users do not need to leave their blockchain ecosystem of choice to access assets in other blockchain ecosystems — for instance Ethereum users do not need to leave the Ethereum ecosystem in order to access Fantom or BSC assets)

2. Superior cybersecurity (we are building a quantum resistant DEX providing superior cybersecurity compared to standard DEXes)

3. Low gas fees (DCTDAO gas fees are lower by orders of magnitude when compared to standard DEXes)

4. Comprehensive trading experience (DCTDAO is much more than just a swap, it is a comprehensive trading eecosystem with dextools, leverage and margin trading, data services and more)

In a nutshell, DCTDAO is a great fit for most of the DEX users and traders.

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Now straight to the hot Question. There was a lot of Fud happening around DCTDAO cause of one of your Partnerships. How you will address them?

Matej Michalko: Do you mean DEOR?

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Yeap!

Matej Michalko: We published a statement today that the partnership is cancelled until further notice:

Due to unforeseen circumstances, DCTDAO will pause its partnership with DEOR until further notice
DEOR has been in a challenging position for some time with some internal disturbances, and thus during the course of the past few days DCTDAO has repeatedly reached out to DEOR for elaboration. As we have yet to receive a response, we will pause all discussions, marketing activities, tech implementation and the business relationship until the facts have been fully disclosed to us.
As a company DCTDAO upholds integrity and appreciates the feedback of the community, hence we look forward to successful partnerships, which will help grow the DCTDAO platform

We have not heard from them, unfortunately, for a couple of days now.

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Thank you. I can say Smart Decision 😉
How many Currencies people can trade at the moment on DCTDAO? Is there enough Liquidity for all?

Matej Michalko: DCTDAO is currently in MVP stage on Polkadot Moonbeam Parachain. The MBP is available on our website DCTDAO [dot] ORG and it is in testnet stage (referring to the current stage of Polkadot Moonbeam parachain).

We will be launching Beta this month with multiple currency pairs and liquidity.

Danny | Crypto Revolution: People will be able to test the Beta Version before Launch?

Matej Michalko: We plan to launch the beta and then let people to test it.
The goal is to get users’ feedback and improve the product.

Danny | Crypto Revolution: What’s the utility of the DCTDAO Token in the DEX?

Matej Michalko: Liquidity mining — we are going to prioritize the DCTD/ETH pair.

Access to pools with superior APY and APR.

Early to exclusive projects on DCTDAO Launchpad — we plan to launch this in late May 2021.


Q1 from @Hochiminh899

What is your plan for global expansion? At present, which market does DCTDAO focus on, or is it focused on building and growing to gain customers, users and partners?

Matej Michalko: DCTDAO is a global product with global focus. Our team is primarily located in Europe, Middle East and Asia. We understand that in order to become global, we need to be local everywhere where our users are. Hence, we are focusing on growing our communities across countries and languages.

Danny | Crypto Revolution: As you mentioned you will launch your own Launchpad in May. Are you in talks already with some Projects interested to do their IDOs with you?

Matej Michalko: Not yet, as most of our current focus is on launching the Beta version of DCTDAO DEX this month. We will start onboarding new projects after Beta is released.

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Got you. Any Tier 1 CEX Listing planned or coming near future? 😀

Matej Michalko: We do have CEX listing in plan, however I cannot give you more details at the moment.

Q2 from @molestika

On your website you say that you offer “almost zero gas tariffs”, in terms of usability and quality. Does this contribute to make your services optimal and sustainable in the long term? Do you plan to have zero gas tariffs in the future?

Matej Michalko: Correct, our users will be benefiting from crosschain features that include leveraging from the interconnectedness of various blockchain ecosystems which enables to keep the fees low.
Being gas-free is one of our core values. 🙂

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Gas free even on ETH 😀

Matej Michalko:Up to some extent yes! Those fees can be significantly reduced.

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Yeah. I know everyone like Low Fees 😀


DCTDAO is built to offer value, and precisely what gives value to any project is the ability to innovate and positively surprise your community, so I read that you currently offer a DEX with specific functionality for ERC-20, but do you plan to incorporate among your services the option to work with other networks? Like TRX, for example.

Matej Michalko: Yes, we are a crosschain solution, hence incorporating multiple blockchain and crosschain ecosystems including Polkadot Moonbeam, Fantom, BSC, Avalanche and more.

Danny | Crypto Revolution: What are your Marketing plans for the upcoming weeks/months?

Matej Michalko: We are marketing the launch of Beta, so we will be focusing on users and liquidity acquisition in there. After the launch, we will also start to market the launchpad.

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Beta Version will be audited before Launch?

Matej Michalko: This is our goal!


Question: What are you interested more in?
A) Crosschain DEX
B ) Launchpad

Winning Answer: It’s A, because DCTDAO have a particular quantum proof cross-chain feature built into POLKADOT MOONBEAM.


Telegram User:

While you build your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?

Matej Michalko: We are a user centric company, hence the users’ feedback is extremely important to us to build better products.

Telegram User:

Staking is a feature that many projects implement in order to attract more users. Does DCTDAO have plan about Staking and liquidity mining?

Matej Michalko: We do have plans about liquidity mining, while prioritizing DCTD/ETH pool and offering VIP pools with superior APY and APR. Currently, we have no plans for staking as it does not bring as much value to the DEX as liquidity mining.

Telegram User:

Where does actually your projects name come from ? What is the meaning for you and why did you choose that name for your project?

Matej Michalko: The name comes from DAO = Decentralized Autonomous Organization and DCT = the original gas token of DCore blockchain launched by DECENT back in 2017.


Danny | Crypto Revolution: Thanks for your Valuable time Matej!
Final Words for Community please?

Matej Michalko: Thank you for having me here! This is a great community!

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